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The css-loader interprets @import and url() like import/require() and will resolve them. Getting Started. To begin, you'll need to install css-loader: npm install --save-dev css-loader Then add the plugin to your webpack config. For example: file.js. import css from "file.css"; webpack.config.js The option importLoaders allows you to configure how many loaders before css-loader should be applied to @imported resources. webpack.config.js module . exports = { module : { rules : [ { test : / \.

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And for installing css-loader. Do not install the latest version 3.0.0. Instead try npm i --save css-loader@2.1.1. Also, Replace the following code in your rules.js file. { test: /\.css$/, exclude: /node_modules/, use: ['style-loader', 'css-loader'] } Webpack chat: PostCSS chat: Loader to process CSS with PostCSS. Getting Started.

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"clean-webpack-plugin": "^3.0.0",. "copy-webpack-plugin": "^5.0.3",. "css-loader": "^3.1.0",.

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css-loader is the npm module Use webpack to build your assets and export to separate CSS stylesheet files The config so far has imported your CSS, and combined it in the JS that is built in /dist/index.js. You will probably actually want to have a separate.css file, instead of combining it with your JS file. By default, the style-loader appends